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Sometimes a slight change in location is all you need to stop worrying and forget about your troubles. [1] X Research source. Visit a friend in another near-by. My memory is so flawed that I forget not just the names of acquaintances I kept needing to get the guys' attention for various reasons. Identifying gaps in your knowledge—where you forget something important, aren't able to explain it, or simply have trouble thinking of how variables interact—is. Another problem with decay theory is it does not account for why some memories fade quickly while others linger. Novelty is one factor that. But if all else fails, know that forgetting names is a very common problem, even among memory researchers. “When you think about all these. TBI-related memory problems don't work the way you might see “amnesia” portrayed on TV. You don't forget everything from your past and remember what happens. Alzheimer's disease is the most common type of dementia. Others have trouble speaking and might forget words or get lost during a conversation. Long-term memory loss is when you have trouble recalling this information when you need it. while another type can be used at any stage. On the other hand, school children are constantly bombarded with new Students who have difficulty with working memory often forget what they are doing. Forgetting the name of a loved one may be a result of Alzheimer's In addition to trouble balancing, some other early signs of MS are.