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Young pigeons bred for meat are known as squabs. Squabs have never flown and have never usually eaten anything except 'pigeon milk', which is formed in the crops of both parents during the incubation period. Squabs are ready to fly and leave their nest at about 26–30 days of age. Among the so-called sporting breeds are the Flying Homer, the Tumbler, the Tippler, and the Roller. Runts, Maltese Hens, Show Homers, Dragoons, and Duchesse are. Squab breeding on a commercial scale began in the United States where the main breeds of pigeons (the King pigeon, the American Red and Yellow Carneaux). Flying Pigeon Breeds. Homing Pigeons: The most popular breed of pigeon falls into this group: the Homing pigeon, AKA Homers. These are very special birds. Many. The pigeon-breeder simply puts his birds in the loft, feeds and waters them and they build their own nests and feed their young. The space that would be needed. It formerly applied to all dove and pigeon species, such as the wood pigeon, the mourning dove, the extinct-in-the-wild socorro dove, and the now extinct. Squabs have been used as a food in many nations for centuries. They were bred to breed and grow quickly. Because they are bred for squab production. As we've said, we chose geese as our secondary poultry project, and we don't go in seriously for squabs. We thought we should include squab raising in our. Common pigeon breeds raised for meat production include white king, red Carneau, French Mondain, and giant homers. Young pigeons bred for meat are called squab. Pelleh Poultry's award-winning squabs are young King Pigeons, the King Pigeon breed is now the most popular squab bird on the market.