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The official site of the Mile High Club, that exclusive club that pilots, flight attendants and daring airline passengers have been whispering about since. The mile-high club is slang for the people who have had sexual intercourse on board an aircraft in flight. An alleged explanation for wanting to perform the. What does mile high club mean? Mile high club is a euphemism that refers to a highly unofficial group, composed of those who have had sex in an airplane in. Mile High Club Traverse City is the areas Mile High Club service. We offer romantic flights to couples who want to take their passion to higher levels. technically having sex while above ground level (usually an airplane). use to be an elite club but more and more are wanting to join the parade now. --a movie. To be considered eligible for membership, sexual intercourse has to occur at an altitude of at least 5,ft (one mile, obviously) and in an. The mile high club is a slang term for people who've had sex during a flight. Mile high alludes to the high altitude of air travel and club refers to the. The Mile High Club – Make your fantasy come true! Membership in this elite and exclusive club has always been difficult to obtain. In June , at a historic aeronautical-safety competition in Paris, a year-old American daredevil pilot-inventor named Lawrence Burst. "Mile High Club" is a bonus campaign level of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered; this epilogue mission is unrelated.